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posted 052824

Maybe, just maybe, I was
baiting you? :) Ever
consider that?

One thing I realized long
ago, is how much these
idiots talk, how little
they can be trusted, and
how thick opportunism is
with each.

You can use that to
know things. Plant a seed
and watch it grow. I
guarantee that eventually
touches you again and
that's how you know.

Think I don't know my
own work? But I was
flattered to see how far
some of it went. They
have no idea who the
actual author is.

Intentionally losing, allowing
oneself to be taken advantage
of, or beat up. It all
produces similar results. See
they don't know that,
because it isn't experimentation
when experienced on their
end and typically misfortune.
This triggers a different
mechanism in the mind,
which obfuscates beneficial

As a young padawan, first
action I took was to
evaluate feedback of every
graduate. Categorize the data
and study it thoroughly for
a long time. Pour careful
detail into separating fake
from genuine.

Btw, enjoying your water?


Upon my journeys I found

Titles used by humans
come nowhere near matching
textbook definitions. Not
even close.





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